Fabien Poletti



Thanks to its CDN and its scaling capabilities, Baleen allows us to manage Black Friday and other major business events with confidence while providing navigation optimization for our customers. The tool’s UX and the configuration efficiency is a real help on a daily basis, not only for platform’s protection but also for managing network performances.

Christophe Samson



We built this solution to simplify our architecture by aggregating numerous protection and performance management functions. It’s quite unique and it was obvious for us to put it on the market.

They trust us

Case study


Network Efficiency

Lower TTFB up to 20%

Decrease significantly network latency with GoogleBots (from 10+ ms to less than 2 ms)


Best in class service availability

An availability up to 99,99% during the last three years

Zero major failures


Business Continuity Insurance

10+ Multiple DDoS attempt (>10 Gbps) mitigated by Baleen in 2019

Millions of scrapper requests blocked every day

Costs Saving

Infrastructure costs killer

CDN cache hit ratio up to 90%

45% of the global traffic categorized as bad bot and not served